Alanis Morissette - 'Havoc And Bright Lights'

Much worse than even her detractors imagined.

Havoc And Bright Lights

Collective Sound, 2012

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    "The Kool-Aid"



  1. Guardian
  2. Woman Down
  3. 'Til You
  4. Celebrity
  5. Empathy
  6. Lens
  7. Spiral
  8. Numb
  9. Havoc
  10. Win and Win
  11. Receive
  12. Edge of Evolution

When all those angry teens were blu-tacking Alanis next to their Leo poster, did they have any idea what they were getting themselves in for? Like all those 1930s woolly thinkers who said Hitler "at least makes the buses run on time," they could barely have predicted the hippie prig she would bloom into.

Here's Alanis on fame, in 2012: “I think fame became exciting for me in the late 90s because I could actually have it help me serve my vocationfulness.”

Here's her on "now:" “I think people wanted a break from the inward-looking, quandary-esque approach and then now, not a moment too soon, I see us segueing back into a more psychological, emotional, spiritual commentary movement in music.”

That's right. Alanis Morissette is much worse than even her detractors imagined. There's a song on here called "Celebrity" that, for raw insight, makes Nickelback's "Rockstars" look like "Reel Around The Fountain." Be very afraid.