Walmart Yodel Boy Has Released a Song and It's Great

Mason Ramsey's debut single "Famous," released today, is a sweet country-pop song in the vein of early-period Taylor Swift or Kacey Musgraves.

Apr 27 2018, 12:52pm

Roughly a month ago, a fairly large portion of the internet became obsessed with a video of a small child yodelling in a Walmart. You've almost definitely seen the video. It's pretty cute, and as far as viral success stories go, Yodel Boy seems to be pretty enduring (in meme world, a month of vague cultural relevance is basically a lifetime.) But anyway, I almost definitely don't have to explain Yodel Boy to you, because hey, if you clicked on an article titled "Yodel Boy's Debut Single is Actually Kinda Fire" then you definitely already know who the hell Yodel Boy is. You're just here because you'd like to hear the fire single!

Yodel Boy, or Mason Ramsey as he's known professionally, has today released "Famous," his first official single. Generally a debut single titled "Famous" should set off alarm bells––nobody wants to hear a viral sensation sing about their experience with fame––but Ramsey's in the clear. "Famous" isn't about his experiences with success, mostly; it's about how even though fame is pretty cool, all he really cares about is his girlfriend. The fact that Ramsey is literally eleven years old aside, it's a pretty sweet love song!

To answer what I assume is your main question: no, Ramsey does not yodel in the song. "Famous" is a simple country-pop track in the vein of Taylor Swift's first album or Kacey Musgraves' "Dime Store Cowgirl." If you're into that kind of earnest major label country thing, you'll probably really enjoy it! Listen on Spotify below, or on YouTube:

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