The New Haymaker Song May Make You Mosh With A Full Pizza

Make way for the 'Let Them Rot' 7", due in Feb 2014

What's the craziest shit you've ever seen at a gig? I've seen people lose multiple teeth and keep right on watching, shoving a towel in their mouth to stop the hemmoraging. I once saw a couple fucking in the middle of the field at the Reading Festival (during Robert Plant, no less). And in 2011, I saw a man mosh with an entire pizza (stopping to hand out slices, of course) during Haymaker's last US appearance at the A389 Anniversary Bash. Insanity causes insanity, so the violent Canadian hardcore band clearly must be off their rocker.

They've mostly kept silent over the past few years, but now Haymaker returns with their first new recording since 2005. The release is the Let Them Rot 7", a four track offering which features the title track streaming in full below. Check that out and gear up for the A389 Anniversary show in January 2014, which should be similarly mental. Crash helmets are not required, but suggested.