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Quavo Brings a Mellow, Mellow High on "Stars in the Ceiling"

And also states the damn obvious: "She only want the drugs for her nose."

Noisey Staff

If the drugs aren't going anywhere near one's nasal area where are they gonna go? The floor is a bad option, unwanted. Maybe if you're about some luxury yet somehow more extreme life, there's the butthole? Eh. Probably you should throw the damn bag down the toilet and move on.

If the drugs have to go somewhere though, the nose is certainly a viable option. So thank you Quavo for chatting about that on this new track "Stars In the Ceiling." Whether or not you're into Migos, narcotics, horoscopes, ceilings, hardware shops or multi-national businesses it's hard to deny the smooth, delicate quality of the music here. It's one of those tracks that rewards more with several listens, softly-softly piano and all. Go ahead and do the thing above, pressing play on the video. Shout out Zaytoven, the one and only.

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