Spookyland's Video for "Rock and Roll Weakling" Is a Pleasant Punch in the Face

Warning: this features a harmonica and blood.

Kim  Taylor Bennett

Kim Taylor Bennett

Honestly, boxing makes me wonder about men. Like what is it in dudes that makes them wanna punch each other in the face and call it a sport? Specifically testosterone, I suppose, but it's existence, and the baying hordes who cheer them on with eyes bright for the fight kinda makes me wanna go gay.

However, I do get the brutal magnetism of the sport, which is exactly what the video for Spookyland's "Rock and Roll Weakling" taps into here. Twenty-two-year-old singer Marcus Gordon cuts a slight but intense figure, facing off against a wall of muscle, his eyes resigned, his body unflinching.

Relative newbies Spookyland might hail from Sydney, Australia, but Marcus' spindly tones are 100% Americana, somehow managing to convey quavering vulnerability and a why-don't-you-come-try-and-fuck-me-up swagger.

Spookyland's single "Rock and Roll Weakling" is out now on Canvasclub/Monday Records in the US and the EP will be out onNovember 3rd through Play It Again Sam in the UK.

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