Introducing twig twig and the Super Strangely Awesome "Tryn Out"

The sound of coins skipping down the stairs? A most excellent amalgam of Metronomy, The Postal Service, and Rudi Zygadlo? We'll take it!

Feb 24 2016, 4:00pm

Twig Twig shot by Michael George

Real talk: this guy looks like Jason Bateman perusing the vintage sweater section in some Williamsburg secondhand store. Love a man in a good knit. Or, wait! He's totally the spit of Elton in Clueless! Amazing! Twig twig is the Brooklyn-based artist, but he was born Zubin Hensler (which is such a great name, nice one parents) a music maker who's contributed to songs by Grizzly Bear's Daniel Rossen, Sylvan Esso, and My Brightest Diamond, among others. But below is one of his stellar solo cuts, the third to make it into the world from his EP, Normal Feelings, out March 4.

"Tryn Out" is bedroom, wonky synth-pop, full of weird self-recorded samples like coins skipping down stairs, and sounds most like early Metronomy getting awkward with The Postal Service and Rudi Zygadlo (another great name) elbowing his way in for good measure. A.k.a. this is fucking awesome. It's a love song, we think, layered with strange, and topped of with a lot of heart. Listen below and check out more of his stuff here.