Meet UXO, the Gnarly New Project from Members of Today Is the Day, Unsane, and Vattnet Viskar

Supergroup? More like super sick.

Jan 27 2016, 4:04pm

Photo courtesy of the artist

What do you get when you take members of Today is the Day, Unsane, Vattnet Viskar, and Ironboss? UXO, a new project that crossbreeds noise rock, dark hardcore, and ominous doom into a truly satisfying cacophony. TITD boss Steve Austin and Unsane's Chris Spender are the biggest marquee names here, and fans of either band will find much to revel in on UXO's self-titled debut. The duo noisily share mic and guitar duties, and round out the outfit with Vattnet Viskar alum Aarne Victorine on bass and Ironboss' Patrick Kennedy on drums. Pedigreed new bands like this tend to hate the "supergroup" tag, but, if the shoe fits...

The quartet's forthcoming self-titled album is out tomorrow (1/29) on Reptilian Records. Preorder UXO here, and stream a slow-burning new track, "This Won't Take Long" below.

Catch UXO live on the East Coast later this year, too:

2/25 Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery w/ Multicult, Birth (Defects) & Enemy Insects
2/26 Brooklyn, NY @ St. Vitus w/ Primitive Weapons & Austerity Program
2/27 Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie w/ Fight Amp, Grizzlor and Humanshapes
2/28 Boston, MA @ Middle East (Upstairs) w/ Grizzlor, Aneurysm and Bedtime Magic