Exclusive: An Intimate Look Behind the Scenes of Halsey's Japanese Tour

Halsey's in the midst of an endless tour and here we get a glimpse into her world on the Japanese leg—a riot of fans, food, and incredible cityscapes.

May 16 2016, 12:03pm

All photos and captions by Don's Lens.

For the past couple years Halsey's life has been a whirlwind. She went from being cult-ishly adored on Tumblr to proper bona fide pop star huge in the space of 18 months and we've been tracing her ascent every step of the way (we first talked to the singer at the end of 2014 when she released her debut EP, went on a first date with her in 2015). In between contributing vocals to Bieber's best album, cutting off all her hair and giving her fans a dye or five too, she's been tirelessly touring her debut album since October, looping the world, and then looping it again, in support of Badlands. Recently she completed an extensive jaunt throug Japan—which is frequently the most surreal experience for a touring artist—and below is an intimate look behind the scenes of said tour, which, with a few pauses in June, marches on till August. After that she'll probably need a nice long nap.

Signings at the Hilton Odaiba

Getting ready

Shibuya crossing

Bullet train vibes

Train in Tokyo

Views - Tokyo edition

Kobe beef feast in Rappongi

This is the reaction to certified Kobe beef :-o

Beer with Sheppard

Robot restaurant... holy shit

The only reaction to Robot Restaurant

The sun goes downIncognito Japan style

Rainy walks to the grocery store

Halsey crew holding down these Osaka streets

Fucking around during soundcheck


She said she wanted to come on stage to sing...

Fan love

Tokyo squad goals

Purple rain

When you see a ramen joint across the street


Learning from the master

Crowd outside of the Tokyo show

Green room

Speaking to the people

Love for Japan!

Harajuku girls

43 Harajuku street style

44 Tsukiji fish markets... 4 AM

45 Boat - Market - Restaurant in a few hours

46 I'm dead... this tuna... wow

47 Nat geo vibes