Mavrick's Video for "Remedy" Flips a Cinematic Middle Finger at Authority

The Swedish singer's latest video is filmmaking at some of its finest.

Oct 18 2015, 6:09pm

This article originally appeared on Noisey Denmark

So it's 2015, the future has descended upon us, we're all cyborg Tinder-oglers locked to our smartphones, yada yada yada. As cyborgs, we consume a lot of random stuff online—stuff sometimes includes music videos. Typically, we'll stare at those for a sec before getting back to creeping baby photos Janine from 8th Grade flooded Facebook with or whatever. It takes a lot to actually keep our attention for a full music video—which is why "Remedy", the new video from Swedish up-and-comer Mavrick, is such a relief.

Simply put, "Remedy" is a gorgeous piece of cinema. Described as an homage to classic 50s filmmaking, it's a sprawling and sublime drama telling the sinister story of an underground child labour ring in the mid-20th Century. Things are bleak as can be for these kids until the time is finally nigh for revenge; blood is shed, secrets are revealed and angry men run amok. The tale is told with the majestic visual greyness typical of the Swedish film tradition, but the song saves the video from letting that refined greyness turn pretentious. "Remedy" is an upbeat, drum 'n' bass-rooted pop track, driven by Mavrick's classically soulful vocals and dropping, dramatic beats throughout. Whether that sounds like your kind of thing or makes you want to yawn, it really doesn't matter.