Dam Gila's Video for "History" Is a Trip

Marching migrant amphibians, volcanic vistas, murderous gorillas, the usual.

Sep 23 2015, 12:29pm

Do you like Girls and Christopher Owens? Then you'll probably dig the lilting celestial indie-pop of Dam Gila, a.k.a. Adam Gil who used to be in Chicago band YAWN. This song is sensi like a warm hand on the nape of your loved one.

According to Gila "History"—the video for which is premiering below—"is sort of a brief survey of my life and experiences up to this point, in an attempt to find a place in the timeline of the universe. I'm always trying to zoom out and put the big picture in frame."

In this case when you zoom out the visuals, pulled together by director and animator Robert Harris Burns, involves marching migrant amphibians, volcanic vistas, murderous gorillas, and interstellar axe-wielding. Yeah, it's a trip and a rather soothing one for a song that covers such weighty subjects.

Listen to Dam Gila's full album So Long, Leisure​, here.