Listen to All the Shiny New Hayley Kiyoko Remixes of "Cliffs Edge"

The 24-year-old LA pop star ropes in some remix big hitters to manipulate last year's smash. In the meantime she's polishing off new music.

Mar 25 2016, 1:41pm

Last time we wrote about Hayley Kiyoko we were making the Los Angeles native dig through her old photo albums and uncover the LOLS for Scrapbook—Noisey's style-centric throwback Thursday regular. For background: The 24-year-old singer first found serious fame as an actress (she's currently plays Raven in CSI: Cyber, and has been in a host of feature films), but music has always been her first love, and last year was a huge breakthrough for the Japanese-American artist. Every video she dropped was a huge: Last summer's "Girls Like Girls"—a tale of suburban teen love and discovery—has clocked 30 million views and counting. Her music meanwhile is a sassy, bright take on synth-pop.

"Cliffs Edge" came out late last year and boasted a video that she not only directed but starred in. The tune is a turbulant tumult of emotions featuring Kiyoko fighting and making out with a girl who IRL she met and cast at a house party. Sentiment-wise, falling for someone is like being on a cliffs edge. Now Kiyoko is releasing a remix package of the song. In the hands of LA duo ARMNHMR (two dudes names Joseph), "Cliffs Edge" moves from being starry eyed pop to an EDM monster. Elsewhere, Lash reimagines "Cliffs Edge" as a boinging, garage-inflected banger, and Aussie duo Dividem blend house and two-step.

"It's so much fun to hear other artists' interpretations of your song and to collaborate with them," explains Kiyoko of this stop gap release. "I really love these remixes because they give an entirely new vibe to 'Cliffs Edge' for the fans, plus they just make me want to dance. Currently, I'm in the studio finishing my new music which I'm really excited about and can't wait to share!"

Have a listen below.