Stream Jade de LaFleur's "Jaded" EP Feat. James Fauntleroy and More

With D.A. from Chester French and more.

Jan 20 2014, 3:09pm

I've talked a lot about how much I love what Solange is doing with Saint Heron. Jade de LaFleur's stunning single, "Jaded," was featuring on Saint Heron's compilation album last year, and tomorrow, she's releasing Jaded. We've got an exclusive stream of the 9-track project today.

Last week, I spoke with Jade on email about working on Jaded and what was unfortunately the most stunning part of her process is that she's put in work—since 2011, at least—by simply spending time and creating with those around her. Too much music is created via email; we already know this. Maybe that's why her EP is so refreshing; it's simple and euphoric at times, and her voice shines over production on tracks like "Blue Notes and Green Trees" while flipping between jazzy ensembles and heavy base production on songs like "So Long" with D.A. from Chester French.

An obvious standout on the project is her duet with James Fauntleroy called "Smokin In My Car" which she says was created "after endless convos, narratives, lectures, and comic relief..." Read what she had to say about her process below, and how moving to New York city has influenced her career and creativity:

"The process was simple and true. Shortly after I landed in The Jungle [New York City] with my dream, my 10 bags, my broken heart, my empty pockets, my broken spirit, my fear of the unknown, and my determination to not disappoint, I was greeted by reality."

"I began to keep a journal and handheld voice recorder that documented my daily feelings, experiences, laments, heartbreaks, humbling experiences, things people said to me or that I would hear/see, my insecurities, my fears, my hopes, and so forth. When looking through and listening to this journal (Jaded), I finally felt like I was inspired enough to write songs that were 'great and felt good-to me.'"

"I hit up my good friend Corey "Chorus" Gibson—who is a phenomenally talented songwriter and vocal producer that I had previously worked with—and told him my ideas and why I wanted to do what I wanted to do, and then we did it. We would get together... I shared my thoughts and feelings and then we sang and wrote sagas. I mainly worked with production from my friends The Page Brothers or vibed out with live instrumentation from a few friends like Kafele Bandele (Trumpet), Brady Watt (Bass/Guitar/Piano), & Doug Fitch (Percussion)....Mary and Jameo were there, too."

Stream Jade's wonderful debut, Jaded, below: