Falling In Reverse’s New Video Sucks Even Worse Than Their Last One

And that's really saying something.

Nov 6 2013, 9:12pm

You may remember back in May, Edward Scissorhands and Suicide Girl offspring Ronnie Radke and his band Falling in Reverse released the most unintentionally hilarious video of the year for their song, “Alone.”

It has since racked up an amazing 5 million+ views on YouTube by people who had grown tired of making their friends watch the “2 Girls, 1 Cup” video. (In actuality, the video probably only got 2 million views but people needed to watch it a second time because they were laughing so hard.) The “Alone” video had everything: White boy rap about “bitches,” tough guy growlcore, coreographed mosh moves, and ghostriding whips. It also included the totally relevant, not-at-all dated lyric, “White boy on the beat rocking Gucci sneaks / All I do is win, Charlie Sheen.” Talk about #winning, am I right??? Very niiice! My wife! Gangnam style!

Today, Falling in Reverse upped the game and released a new video for their song “Bad Girls Club,” which is the band’s stab at an ironic pop song. See, they’re not really making a pop song. When they act all cutesy and sing the line “She follows me on Twitter, asking if I miss her / Hashtag #setmefree,” they’re totally joking because in the song that precedes this one on their album, they are rapping about thug life stuff like “seeking out bitches who decided to talk shit.” And when Ronnie Radke gives a friendly, guyliner-covered wink into the camera, he’s LOLJK-ing OMFG. Because he’s actually a big meanie tough guy who’s been arrested for domestic violence on his ex-girlfriend and for aggravated assault at a Six Flags.

The video and song are so mind-numbingly stupid that we’ve totally glossed over the fact that uhhh...it’s pretty frigging racist and incredibly patronizing to Asian culture too. But hey, that’s subjective and is on you to decide for yourself. Maybe you think the ridiculously hackneyed use of Japanese stereotypes like Godzilla and girls in cheerleading outfits is funny and tasteful. Or maybe you have a brain. But again, that’s for you to decide.

Look. Here’s the deal. If you are in the worst band in the world, you don’t get to make ironic songs or videos. The ones you write in earnest are hilarious enough for all of to enjoy. Your blazer-with-no-shirt combo is way funnier than anything you could possibly come up with inside that dumb, tattooed head of yours. Please stick to those.

Dan Ozzi is a guest editor at Noisey and has no patience for this shit. Follow him on Twitter - @danozzi