I Am Thankful For This 2 Chainz Videogame

Yes, you're supposed to get your two chains back in this.

Nov 22 2012, 5:59pm

2 Chainz knows better than anyone else in existence. He knows that if you want to work with a giant corporation and get paid a bunch of money, the only way to do it and not have people hate you is to make sure that whatever you and said giant corporation come up with is perfect. There's nothing more perfect than having to help 2 Chainz get his two chains back, which is what you do in this videogame. This was created by Mr. Chainz in conjunction with Adidas and Champs Sports, but in my idealized version of reality this was a 2 Chainzian labor of love that he hand-programmed alone in a four-cornered room staring only at a candle.

I didn't even know I wanted to hear 2 Chainz yell digitized adlibs while jumping over a trash can with a glitched-up version of the "Birthday Song" beat playing in the background, but now that I have experienced it I really don't know how I could have thought my life was anywhere near complete before this. Also it's kind of hard but don't worry because 2 Chainz yells, "YEAHHH!" every time he dies so that you don't feel too bad about not clearing that trash can.