Move Over Traditionalists, Check Out the Haunting & Experimental New Black Metal Effort From Epistasis

Bassoon + Trumpet = Grim as Fvck

Mar 26 2014, 6:27pm

Challenging, somber, and decimating, the new effort by Epistasis is a massive and wholly original new approach to black metal that has to be heard, but let's get the dumb shit out of the way first. Yes, trumpet plays a key part to the Epistasis lineup, so if that turns you off immediately and are looking for a more traditional coprse-painted-bro-sawing-out-tremolo-riffs-to-a-fisher-price-recorder, look elsewhere. The NYC quartet uses ambient passages, complex death metal riffing and more to create their nightmare, crafting six tracks of astounding horror for the Light Through A Dead Glass EP. Stream it below in full.