Put on Your "Cherry Chapstick" and Get Down with Band Aparte

Goth is hot right now.

Jul 25 2016, 5:25pm

Photo courtesy of Band Aparte

Goth is hot right now. Not just because it’s summer and the aesthetic lends itself to long, all black ensembles, but in music too; lately, we’ve been getting more nihilistic and pessimistic (for fairly obvious reasons, take a look outside). While it’s easy to persuade yourself that acts like Prayers or Band Aparte are just Cure fans with access to an audience, there’s a lot more nuance to it that I won’t get into, because honestly I'd rather just listen to this song for a while.

“Cherry Chapstick” is the latest single from LA goth punk duo Band Aparte’s forthcoming album Memory on Trial. It’s a smooth, synthy track that evokes Nick Cave and Joy Division and will have you sad-dancing your way to the end of the day.

Memory on Trial is out August 19 on Manifesto Records.