PREMIERE: Slide into Those DMs to the Tune of T-Pain's Summer Love Bop "Look at Me"

"Emoji! Emoji! Baby, damn!"

Apr 7 2016, 3:31pm

Photo by Derek Scancarelli

T-Pain's been sorta quiet since the release of the mixtape The Iron Way last spring, popping up as a guest on a handful of other artists' songs and more recently, dropping a few of his own but otherwise, one would guess, quietly plotting. This afternoon Teddy Paindergrass is back with a powerful summer jam called "Look at Me" all about—what else?—love. The rapper-ternt-sanga graces breezy production with a supremely catchy, lightly Auto Tuned vocal about jonesing with a girl he likes on social media, liking pics and sliding into the DMs, and then trying to take the connection from URL to IRL. At a Converse Rubber Tracks show in Brooklyn last night he introduced it as "a song to do selfie videos to." "Selfies can be pretty sexy but this song is about those irritating ass selfie videos that girls do where they just stare at the camera not saying anything," he said when reached for further comment. "Look at Me" is expected to be included on the just announced, forthcoming TP10 project. Stream the song below.