PREMIERE: Stream 'Five Crooked Lines,' Finger Eleven's First Album in Five Years

Listen to our exclusive stream of Finger Eleven's new album.

Jul 24 2015, 1:33pm

Photo By Dustin Rabin

With the unforgiving release cycle of albums, the idea of taking even a day off from music can feel like career suicide, far less a year or more. For Juno-winning Ontario rockers Finger Eleven, making their new album Five Crooked Lines certainly felt like the latter. With a career spanning 20 plus years and the release of their 2010 album Life Turns Electric, the band decided it best to take a break. But the hiatus wouldn’t last long as the band set course to make new music with a different sound. After five years of tinkering—give or take a couple musical misfires and the departure of longtime drummer, Rich Beddoe—they finally settled on the skin-bruising aggression littered throughout their 12-track release. From the rollicking guitar and hoarse tone of lead singer, Scott Anderson on ”Gods of Speed” to the hook-y siren like calls of “Blackout Song” the album sounds like the dying wails of the Incredible Hulk being run over by a runaway train. Which of course, is exactly how you’d want a Finger Eleven album to sound like.

“We went through so many different styles and vibes musically,” says the band. “We’d write three or four songs and we’d be happy with one of them. Every time we’d write a new batch, we’d have one song that would be cooler than the rest and that would raise the bar. By the time we were ready to record, we had a killer batch of songs to choose from. This time though, we wanted to keep the songs so raw they sounded like they do in the rehearsal room. So, turn it up and enjoy.”