PREMIERE: Key Nyata's "Spark the Night" Is a Woozy, Boom-Bap Mind Screw

The former Raider Klan and current ThraxxHouse member spits over a classic beat from producer Sango.

Jun 29 2015, 12:59pm

Key Nyata and Sango’s “Spark the Night” is some brief and enjoyable boom-bap. Key talks his shit and lays down a nice auto-tuned hook over Sango’s well-honed breaks and some synths that veer close to “It Ain’t Hard To Tell”. Word up son.

But what makes the track interesting is how straightforward it is given how far left Key and Sango both usually work. Nyata started off as part of SpaceGhostPurp’s Raider Klan and keeps the woozy-as-fuck vibes alive as part of the Seattle/LA collective ThraxxHouse. Sango made his name weaving various flavors of South American microgenres into trap (although to define him by those beats would be limiting his scope). Now he rolls with the wildly popular Soulection crew.

You would think these two would get in the studio and cook up a druggy, atmospheric opus long enough to burn down at least a blunt and a half. Nope! Two-minutes of real hip-hop. A more fake-deep person than me might end with an Art of War misquote like “sometimes the best move is the one they least expect,” but the better (and more universal) lesson here is “always consider doing less”.