Stream "End All Suffering," We Were Skeletons' New Single

It's the first single from their mathy, screamy new record.

Benjamin Shapiro

You know Peeps? Those delicious yellow bunny/baby chicken things you cram into your mouth every spring? They're from Lancaster, PA. That's right, the "Red Rose City." But from now on, you'll know Lancaster for something other than marshmallowy goodness: You'll know it as the front lines in the resurrection of a seemingly dead genre, known to the young folks as "Screamo."

Yes, there are few musical genres more embarrassing than screamo. That's why it takes such balls to play it, and why it's so impressive when it's done perfectly, crushingly right.

We Were Skeletons is a trio from Lancaster that's carrying that screamy, mathy torch for the rest of us. This month they're putting out a record called Blame & Aging, and we've got the first single right here. It's called "End All Suffering," and it's worth your time if you're into Slint and Orchid and stuff.

Blame & Aging is out on October 22 via Top Shelf Records. You can pre-order it right here.