Listen to YONCÉ-X, the Beyoncé Remix EP by Melo-X

A five track project made on Christmas night.

Jan 7 2014, 3:42pm

Blue Ivy Carter turns 2 today—(That would be Beyoncé's daughter for all of you who may not know)—and that probably has no meaning to most people as it is negative 30 degrees in New York City right now and everyone is really miserable. BUT—Melo-X decided that today would be the perfect occasion to drop his Yoncé-X remix EP. He's been teasing short clips on Instagram of remixed Beyoncé visuals from her self-titled EP in anticipation of the five song project.

Melo-X, the Brooklyn musician and photographer, dropped GOD: Pièce de Résistance on Nov. 5 last year, but his most recent remix project was for Maxwell's BLACKsummersnight album back in 2009. On Yoncé-X, Melo flips "Drunk in Love" to "Drunk in Lust," "Mine" to "Too Far," and more, with looped vocals and added energy to the tracks. You can stream it below and read about how the project came together. This year, Melo will be working on putting out visuals from his latest album, and putting together his debut photo exhibit.

On creating Yoncé-X:
"I've been doing remix albums for a while now. This Beyonce album was just so revolutionary and had so many layers and stories I kept hearing bits and pieces I could elaborate on. The remix album can also be looked at as a instrumental album because I'm sampling her music the way a producer would sample a old 1970's record. It's really a big art and passion project for me. I met Beyonce at a New Years eve party at Solange's house 2 years ago and gained even more respect and admiration for her."

"I bought the album the day it came out and vibed with it until Christmas day. On that night I made the whole Remix EP and spent the next week creating the video pieces and just refining the mixes. I decided to release the project [today] because it is Blue Ivy's birthday. It's like the stars aligned all crazy and I couldn't pass this chance up"

On creating the accompanying video clips:
"I wanted to stay true to the idea of how Beyonce released her latest visual album plus I love to play with the idea of social commerce, and appropriation in art. So I decided to create a 15 sec vid clip for each remix I did and release them on instagram. The directors or as I like to call them the "re-imaginers" of each piece are some of the coolest and dopest artists, photographers, models, directors, tech savvy peeps I know or have recently connected with. Like Yung Jake who is a big influence for me right now. We met up during this past Art Basel. And my boy Julian Schratter who is a good friend and has an amazing company based around photography decided to help me with the project as well. Everyone really came through seeing as it was so last minute."

Check out the accompanying visuals for the remix EP via his Instagram below: