PREMIERE: It's All "Downhill" for Brooklyn Indie Punks Narc Twain

The track talks about Brooklyn going up in flames. Who couldn't relate to that every once in a while?

May 22 2015, 5:35pm

Cross the millennial angst of D.C. math rock veterans the Dismemberment Plan with the moody atmospherics of post-punk progenitors Wire and you might get something resembling Narc Twain. Formed last year around singer-guitarist Tommy Siegel, the Brooklyn quintet peddles relatable anxiety on "Downhill," Siegel's fever dream about Brooklyn going up in flames, or maybe falling into the sea, "an aquarium lined with hedge funds and coffee chains." Narc Twain makes its live debut 6/1 at Mercury Lounge. A debut album produced and engineered by drummer John Thayer is on the way later this year.