Terror Has "The Solution" to Tired, Played Out Hardcore


May 18 2015, 1:56pm

As much as you tell your other too-cool friends when you go to shows or trick yourself to believe, you're never too old for throwing down at a show. It doesn't matter if you have work in the morning, or need to go deal with getting your oil changed the next day. You shouldn't feel weird about wanting to get in the pit or jumping off the stage ever. At a show, everyone is equal from the stage to the back of the room. This is something Terror has been trying to let the world know for over ten years now.

Terror is a hardcore band out of Los Angeles, CA and they're releasing their new banger of a record The 25th Hour this summer. This new track, "The Solution" is some of the hardest shit the band has released in a very long while. Right from the start, they're looking to smash down any wall in the way of the beatdown of the song, pummeling and pummeling with each beat of the track. If that's not enough, the recurring breakdown that comes in a couple times the song will take you out of retirement to stage dive off your desk at work, or throw that mechanic into a circle pit.

Check out the track below, and look out for The 25th Hour when it drops August 7th on Victory Records.

John Hill ripped his pants stagediving at a Terror show and has been traumatized since. Follow him at @JohnxHill