Stream Gold's New Death Rock Prism of an Album 'No Image'

All that glitters is death.

Oct 26 2015, 2:22pm

Gold is a dark rock band from Rotterdam, NE. What the band does best is balance the creation of incredibly heavy and powerful guitar tones with tried and true rock song structures. On their new record No Image, Gold works within the confines of rock music and distorts every aspect they can get their hands on. In a song like "Old Habits" the band sets an incredible tone and starting point for the song, beating along as the song ticks by, little by little. Into the next song, "O.D.I.R." begins with an almost black metal-like strum, launching into a punkier beat. They take all types of different genres, and sort them into a prism of new sound and texture. It's rock music for people that want to subvert previous notions of what can go into a single song.

Listen to No Image below, and pick up your copy from Profound Lore right here.