Doubt Everything! Watch Superhumanoids' New Video for "Anxious in Venice"

The LA trio explores surreal self-loathing at zones out on the Venice boardwalk at sunrise in the video for the single off their upcoming album, 'Do You Feel Ok?'

Aug 14 2015, 1:09pm

Life is hell. Haha JK. But no really, it kind of is. One of the many joys of music is that it can offer us a respite from that hell—or sometimes allow us to further wallow in it. I'm not actually sure which of those two things the new single from LA trio Superhumanoids, "Anxious in Venice," accomplishes. The song is a taut piece of synth-pop that's both pretty enough to melt away your anxieties (this song is gonna crush in hotel lobbies until they listen more closely) and jarring and tense enough to amplify them, depending on what kind of a mood you're in. It crackles with unsettled energy.

The song's video, which we're premiering below, captures this odd tension, woozily following lead singer Sarah Chernoff around Venice Beach in the early morning as she stumbles past people working out, people making balloon animals, maintenance trucks, seagulls, and general crowds, working to get a grip on, well, something. Same!

"To shoot this video we wanted to get down to Venice at 4 AM for sunrise," the band explained over email. "There is a bizarre mix of people around at that time—you're either super well adjusted and health conscious or have been up all night partying. This song is about the anxiety and self loathing you feel after doing the latter, so it was an ideal environment to film in."

Superhumanoids' sophomore album Do You Feel Ok? is out September 11 on Innovative Leisure; the band promises a more experimental, energetic direction from their past work, and "Anxious in Venice" is a good indication they'll deliver something that fits the bill. Check out the video below and question how OK you feel. Once again, life is hell. Maybe.

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