PREMIERE: Asher Roth, Nottz, and Travis Barker Spazz Out in the Dizzying, Vibrant 'RAWTHER'

Beats, #BARS, trippy colors, spinning rooms, go!

Feb 4 2016, 4:15pm

Back in 2010 rapper Asher Roth and veteran hip-hop producer Nottz Raw teamed up for the collaborative EP RAWTH, a blast of breakneck bars served up over the Virginia beatsmith's livewire boom bap. Today, the duo release the six-song follow-up EP RAWTHER, this time aided by sometime Blink-182 stickman Travis Barker, who makes things pop with powerful live percussion. The madcap video component for the project is helmed by New York based director Aristotle Torres (Nas's "The Don" and "Bye Baby," 2 Chainz's "Crack"). Torres plopped the group down in a series of vibrantly monochromatic rooms with a 360-degree GoPro camera rig and filmed them spazzing out to RAWTHER highlights "Blow Yr Head," "Voldermort," and "Goin Down." It looks and sounds like miles of fun. Watch the video and stream the six-song EP below.