PREMIERE: Aneurysm's "Stop The Ride" Will Put Someone Through a Table

Up the punx, up the pain.

Aug 12 2015, 7:24pm

Romanticize this: It’s 1985 and you’re throwing up in a seedy bathroom stall of a New York City basement after taking a groin shot so bad it propelled you to the toilet. It may have just been the cost of getting in the pit, some skunked beer or the “Grade Pending” Lo-Mein you’d eaten earlier. But regardless of the causation, the correlation between the moment and the vile punk rattling the background is direct.

Now wrangle your headspace back to 2015. Put yourself in a Boston cellar. You’re wielding a pack of Camels, a sixer of Yuengling cans and a WWE championship belt. Take the last bite of your hot dog and prepare to rock the hell out to the strange melting pot of sound that Aneurysm brings to the table. Press play on the title track of the band’s upcoming 7” Stop The Ride. When the song commences, crack a skateboard deck over your friend’s skull and prepare to be suplexed through a stack of wooden shipping pallets. Beware of the brick pillars, dangling wires and exposed light bulbs.

Stop The Ride will be released September 4th on Puritan Candy Records.