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Exclusive Download: Xray Eyeballs: “X”

We've got an exclusive download of their new single, "X," right here.

VICE Staff

VICE Staff

Brooklyn’s got bands, right? Like, a bajillion crummy, sucky, garbage-time leagues of low-lifes wasting everyone’s time on a nightly basis. Well, here’s a Brooklyn band that doesn’t suck balls: Xray Eyeballs. The band was founded by O.J. and Carly from Golden Triangle, and also features members of the Girls At Dawn, Fergus & Geronimo, Heaven, and Runaway Suns. None of those bands suck either.

This is “X,” the first single from their new album, Splendor Squalor. The record comes out February 28 on Kanine. You can pre-order it here.The song manages to do the impossible; squeeze out all the played-out boring parts from garage rock and mopey, gothy post-punk.

You can download "X" right here. And be sure to check out their video for "Crystal" below, which features the band getting all soapy in a bathtub.