Here's the Album Stream for ERAAS's "Initiation"

The Brooklyn-based band's sophomore record is haunting in a "let's have sex" way—not a "let's murder someone" way.

Nov 5 2013, 5:34pm

Brooklyn-based ERAAS's second full-length isn't out till November 11, but we've got the exclusive stream below. Coming from Rob Toher and Austin Stawiarz, formerly of the Connecticut post-rock band Apse, the group's sophomore record—a twisting collection of synths over a foundation of hip-hop beats—is one of stranger releases to arrive in recent weeks. But don't get us wrong: we mean strange in a good way, because Initiation is haunting in a "let's have sex way," versus the "let's murder someone" way. Halloween may be over, but Initiation will have you feeling #spooky for the rest of the year. (By the way, that was a joke about how dumb hashtags are and how dumb using #spooky on Halloween was).

Stream the record below, and pre-order it here.