"Nothing Will Ever Get Any Better" for Unwed Teenage Mothers

Check out this incredibly catchy jam from the Oxford, Mississippi band.

Oct 28 2014, 3:50pm

Have you ever seen that show 16 & Pregnant? All of those unwed teenage mothers make us feel really bad. Not just for their personal plight of having to raise a child while trying to live the normal teenage life—high school, prom, dating—but also for the state our country has descended into that we’re glorifying the lives of people who have put themselves in financial ruin before they even reached adulthood and passing that off as entertainment. It all makes us feel terrible about ourselves for watching those poor unwed teenage mothers. Unwed Teenage Mothers, the band from Oxford, Mississippi, on the other hand, makes us feel great. They’ve got a good-times power pop vibe with catchy hooks and sing-along choruses. Very reminiscent of lo-fi punk heroes like The Marked Men.

Unwed Teenage Mothers (again, the band and not actual unwed teenage mothers) have an album, Goodnight Girls, out on Bleed 101 Records on January 13. Check out the song “Nothing Will Ever Get Any Better” below. It’s all the entertainment value of 16 & Pregnant without all the guilt.