Get Lost in Ides of Gemini's Ritualistic Drone Doom

Excuse us, just gonna space out here for a second.

Aug 6 2014, 8:08pm

Noisey regulars might recognize the name J. Bennett. Hell, even if you frequent other music websites (JK, there are none of those, keep reading Noisey exclusively, thanks), you might recognize the name. He’s one of the top writers about all things hard music in the game. But did you also know that—and this is crazy—some music writers also play music and don’t just critique it from their armchairs? Well, Mr. Bennett plays in a band called Ides of Gemini (which he is the only dude in). They’re about to put out a new album called Old World New Wave and there’s enough droney doom on it to make you feel like you’re stuck in David Lynch’s dreams. You can listen to a song below, “The Chalice & The Blade,” and just let your mind drift off to infinity in its ritualistic, ethereal… like, drums ‘n’ stuff. Oh, what do we know, we don’t play music or anything. See what happens when J. Bennett doesn't cover things for us? We sound like dummies.

Old World New Wave will be released on September 16 via Neurot Recordings.