Connoisseur Are Streaming That Stoner/Earth Crisis Crossover Record Your Didn't Know You Needed Until Now

Let's puff a fatty in celebration of abstinence and the new songs

Jul 2 2014, 7:26pm

If you’re the sensitive type of stoner, the rhetoric in straight-edge hardcore may get to you sometimes. Shit, you could be trying to throw down in the pit but some jerk with a bunch of X’s all over his hands could be trying to drag down your night, telling you how you’re weak or whatever because you drink occasionally. Luckily, Connoisseur from #smokeland have a few new songs, or maybe that's joints, to bring the mosh. We’ve got an exclusive preview with these three tracks that aren’t going to judge if you want to blaze up in the pit. These tracks slay, showing influences from bands like Earth Crisis and Dropdead in under two minutes. But in that two minutes, you’re going to burn down your office, light a blunt in the flames, hit it, and then beat down any survivors. 4/20 raze it.

Look out for their aptly named EP Stoner Justice when it drops July 8th, and also catch them on tour this summer.

Don't judge a book by his twitter name, JohnXHill.