Watch Emily King's Video for "Distance"—it's the Best Thing She's Ever Done

At least one bonsai was harmed in the making of this video.

Apr 30 2014, 7:57pm

Things that Noisey loves about this video:

The use of split screen.

The vibrant, blue, red, white, and pink color scheme.

The fact that we never fully see Emily King's face.

The use of turtlenecks.

The cruel decimation of a bonsai.

Actually—the random acts of violence throughout.

This song initially grabbed our attention when it burned down the internet earlier this year. With its 70s bounce and feelgood groove it occupies that sweet spot between The Carpenters and Feist. Combined with this elegantly eye-grabby video directed by Paul Jung, "Distance" is the best thing the Grammy-nominated 28-year-old has ever released. Let's hope it's a fair indication of her new material, scheduled to drop later this year. Keep your ears cocked.

Kim is Noisey's Style Editor and she's on Twitter - @theKTB