Listen to Have A Nice Life's New Tune, "Burial Society"

From "oddly aggressive acoustica" to dark hearted atmospherics.

Jan 8 2014, 9:00pm
Apparently when Tim and Dan of Have A Nice Life first met they started performing "oddly aggressive acoustic songs" at local coffee houses in New England. Must've been a nice treat for the caffeine fanatics trying for some alone time with their filofaxes. Somehow the duo morphed into Have A Nice Life, a name which sounds either super cheery or terribly sarcastic depending on your disposition. These days HANL err on the sonic dark side (note the picture above), as evidenced by the Nine Inch Nails-meets-post-punk vibe of "Burial Society," premiered below. Somehow it manages to sound airy and meaty at the same time.

The Unnatural World is out on Feb 4 via The Flenser/Enemies List.