PREMIERE: African Hip-Hop Fusionists Chimurenga Renaissance Return with the Blissed Out "Girlz with Gunz"

It's the title track from their new EP, out February 6.

Jan 20 2016, 12:55pm

Chimurenga Renaissance is the duo of Shabazz Palaces collaborator Tendai Maraire and guitarist Hussein Kalonji, a Zimbabwean American and a Congolese American merging the music of their respective cultures with hip-hop values and innovative electronic sounds. Today the group unveils "Girlz with Gunz," the opening salvo from the forthcoming EP of the same name, out February 5 on Glitterbeat Records. "Girlz with Gunz" celebrates the strength and verve of African women through history over a blissed out bounce culled from clattering drums, snaking keys, bursts of soulful guitar, and a chorus courtesy of singer Moon. It's the sound of joy teased out of pain, of success rising up from sacrifice. Stream the song, pre-order Girlz with Gunz on vinyl or digital download right here, and check out the 11 song EP's tracklist below.

Girlz with Gunz

1. I See You for Who You Are (feat. JusMoni)
2. Our Purpose Is Forever
3. Everything Comes Off Tonight (feat. Moon)
4. I Like You the Way You Are
5. Nunya Buziniez (feat. Nyoka)
6. Queenz With Cannnonz (feat. Mall Saint)
7. She Is the Fairest of Them All (feat. Moon)
8. Prepare to Shoot (feat. Nyoka)
9. Peace Always Has a Price
10. When It’s True Love, Shoot Farther (feat. Sassy Black of THEEsatisfaction)
11. Girlz with Gunz (feat. Moon)