Listen to the First Song Off Leftöver Crack’s New Album, Featuring Jesse Michaels of Operation Ivy

'Constructs of the State' is their first album since 2004's 'Fuck World Trade.'

Oct 20 2015, 2:20pm

Leftöver Crack is a goddamn anomaly at this point.

Firstly, it’s a miracle that they’ve managed to survive as a band for this long. Despite lineup changes, member deaths, drug addictions, venue bans, visa restrictions, arrest records, and whatever other baggage that’s attached itself to them since 1998, shit that probably would’ve run most bands into the ground, LöC seems to just keep going.

Second, as the punk scene and America in general shifts towards a more language-conscious and generally politically safer direction, Leftöver Crack is the band that remains unwavering in their dedication to not mince words, whether that be the best idea or not. While everyone else is thinkpiecing away issues like police brutality, Stza and crew are singing blunt songs with a chorus that is simply “Kill cops!”

And third, they’ve done all of this as a fucking ska-punk band, arguably the least profitable or commercially viable side of punk rock, which is saying something.

But the C-Squat-dwelling collective has not released a full-length since 2004’s controversial and oft-banned album Fuck World Trade. Now, for the first time in over a decade, they are preparing a new album, Constructs of the State, and the first song released from it, “System Fucked,” sounds like vintage LöC—that familiar crack rock steady beat, this time with the aid of Operation Ivy’s Jesse Michaels. Still blunt as ever. Still Leftöver Crack.

Constructs of the State is out from Fat Wreck Chords on November 27. Listen to "System Fucked" beflow and catch them on tour at the places that will still have them.