HEAVEN - "Hanging Out" Premiere

Download the drone-rock single from Wavves drummer Jacob Cooper's new solo project.

Jul 18 2012, 4:30pm

We can't say much about where you sorry souls will end up in the afterlife, but thanks to the new project from Wavves drummer Jacob Cooper, you can enjoy a little taste of HEAVEN on Earth.

The LA-based experimental artist, who has also starred in acts like Bark Bark Bark, The Mae Shi (which morphed into Signals), and Jacob Safari, is stepping out on his own with a solo project that lives somewhere between ambient and tactile. HEAVEN'S new single "Hanging Out" is a crunching, drony burner with the space-out factor of shoegaze and the viscera of garage rock.

We've got a free download of "Hanging Out," as well as “Can’t Grow Up With Poison,” another of Cooper's heavy, moody cuts. Snag it below, and keep your eyes peeled for an EP from Jacob (along with his full band) soon!

"Hanging Out"

"Can't Grow Up With Poison"