Dive into Atlanta Math Rockers Cinemechanica's Wild New Track, "Vietnamese Pool Party"

The band—now featuring Lazer/Wulf's Bryan Aiken—is guaranteed to snap your neck.

Jul 13 2016, 2:57pm

I first heard of Cinemechanica via the band's newest addition, Bryan Aiken. The Atlanta-based guitarist is an old friend of mine, but more importantly, is a ridiculously, jaw-droppingly talented musician—as many people around the world have seen him demonstrate in his main project, the joyously weird Lazer/Wulf. Now, as part of Cinemechanica, he's busting out those chops in another wonky experimental band, and judging from the sound of the band's new self-titled album, things are working out just swimmingly.

Formed ten years ago by guitarist Bryant Williamson, bassist Joel Hatstat, and drummer Mike Albanese (also of Maserati), Cinemechanica straddles the thorny divide between spazzy math rock, angular post-hardcore, and herky-jerky experimental metal. The end result is a fiercely melodic neckbreaker of an album, which features vocals from former guitarist/vocalist Jordan Olivera. You can sample it below with our premiere of "Vietnamese Pool Party."

Cinemechanica is out September 23 via Arrowhawk Records, and preorders are available now.