PREMIERE: Petal - “Sooner”

A song about being aware of the worst that could happen but hoping for the best, from one of Run For Cover's latest signings.

Sep 1 2015, 4:00pm

“Thumbing through magazines / Pacing a dream house,” sings Kiley Lotz in the opening lines of "Sooner"—her new track under the moniker Petal, which we're premiering below. It's a vivid image that conjures up all those days spent mincing about your bedroom doing absolutely nothing while your brain is doing far too much. With a rotating lineup including Tigers Jaw's Ben Walsh and Brianna Collins, Petal sounds like the space where Lemuria and Waxahatchee would meet; the crossroads between listlessness, earnestness, and endurance. It's being aware of the worst that could happen, with your fingers crossed hoping for the best.

"Sooner" is taken from Petal's debut album Shame, out next month on Run For Cover. In Kiley's words, it's about "Having someone in your life who you desperately want to make changes in their life to be healthier and happier and wishing you could just convince them that it's worth it to make those changes. You want them to be around as long as possible but the decision is ultimately up to them. And because you love them you will stick it out even if it means sometimes sacrificing what may be best for you.”

Listen to "Sooner" below:

Shame will be released on 10.23 via Run For Cover and is available to pre-order here.