Check Out the First Song from the Menzingers’ New Album, ‘Rented World’

The rust belt punks are back to top their impossible past.

Feb 18 2014, 3:50pm

photo: Jessica Flynn

Two years ago, punk kids everywhere took notice of a little band from Scranton, PA called the Menzingers. It was hard not to. Their third album, On The Impossible Past, had just been released and stunned everyone. Its perfect symmetry of chaos and harmony earned it positive reviews across the board. Plus, a pretty distinct cover image featuring a close-up shot of a woman’s bra-less cleavage made it sort of hard to forget. Even the too-cool-for-school punks scrambled to catch up. “Oh, yeah yeah, the Mensinkers. Totally. I always listened to them. The Metznenggers are my favorite band. The one with the boobs on the cover.”

The only problem was, the band set an incredibly high bar for themselves. How would they go about topping something which many people will forever believe to be their best work? Well, if their new album, Rented World, is any indicator, the answer is: very, very fucking forcefully. The Zingers don’t seem to be too concerned with matching anyone’s standards or expectations on their fourth album. It is distinctly their own, loaded with all kinds of new ways to define their sound and to top their impossible past.

Rented World is out via Epitaph Records on April 22. Watch the video for the first song released by the band “In Remission” below. Pre-order Rented World here. (Seriously, don’t even think about it. Just order it.) Album artwork below.