Introducing Ask T-Pain, a New Advice Column by T-Pain

Submit your questions to Noisey's new advice columnist!

Sep 29 2014, 6:07pm

If one thing is true in this world, it is that life is confusing and hard. If another thing is true in this world, it is that T-Pain is a trusty life guide. Yes, T-Pain, the author of such hits as "Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin')," "Bartender," and the more recent "Up Down." T-Pain, the guy who revolutionized rap music by introducing the genre to the effect of Auto-Tune cranked all the way to full robot levels. T-Pain, the sage who guided us through the challenges of being in love with a stripper and who has the right song for any mood or setting.

Who among us, in other words, has not wished we could ask T-Pain for a little advice to get us through a tough time in life? None of us. We all want that. And now we can have it. T-Pain is Noisey's newest advice columnist, and he will be answering all your questions at various points this fall. Wondering how to deal with a tough breakup? Having trouble getting along with your parents? Unsure how to find purpose and live a good life? T-Pain has the answers, or at least something to say. As he explains:

"Hello I'm T-Pain, and I will be answering your questions and giving advice from my life point of view. All you have to do is submit your questions regarding your life, and I will be happy to share my thoughts and suggestions!"

Easy enough, right? Email questions to , and T-Pain will tackle the best ones. Submit away! Right now! At the very least, watch the video for "I'm Sprung" below because it is dope.

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