Here's Slowdance's New Single "Sylvia"

Also you can listen to the flipside "Trio" which is sung in French. Everything is better in French.

Nov 14 2013, 9:25pm

Do you remember last summer? The summer of 2012, not 2013! Yeah, back then. This was the summer we first heard Slowdance's single "Boyfriend." A dreamy, New Wave-y swoon backed by neat beats, it had French-American singer Quay Quinn-Settel coyly suggesting that selective amensia and/or make believe can recreate the flushed rush of first love. Let's just pretend we don't know one another so we can explore each other all over again! Sounds like a good plan. We were into it.

Fast-foward to now and the Brooklyn-based trio are currently holed up in a studio with Jeremy Jay (who flew in from London just to work with them). No word on when we can get our hands on the fruits of their labor, but in the meantime here are two exclusive songs. First up, the synth-stoked "Sylvia"—whose gloriously airy chorus lingers long after the first listen—and perfectly expresses the bittersweet feeling of a friend moving on, and away from you, in pursuit of bigger and better things. On the flipside there's "Trio," which is sung in French, so we have no clue what that's about. But let's face it, everything sounds freakin' amazing in French.