You Should Definitely Watch Girls Names' Video for "A Hunger Artist"

Belfast's artful post-punkers drop their arch new video. Get ready for the awkward!

Aug 26 2015, 5:17pm

Noisey have been longstanding supporters of Belfast-band Girls Names so we're stoked to premiere their video for "A Hunger Artist." Sonically it's a artful, metallic-tasting kind of post-punk with singer Cathal Cully's acerbically powerful tones cutting cleanly over driving motorik beats. It's a tantalizing taster from their forthcoming album, Arms Around a Vision, out this October, via purveyours of reliable awesome indie rock, Tough Love.

Visually the video kicks off with a nails on the chalkboard-awkward interview with Cully and a grinning TV host (hey, we've all been there with monosyllablic artists), before seguing into a white room performance promo. As swishly minimalist and to the point as their tunes.

Director Matt Reed had this to say about it: "The video is a homage to the types of performances you used to see on British TV programmes like Tony Wilson's The Other Side of Midnight in the 80s. We wanted to try and capture the weird atmosphere those performances had. When you found spiky, totally avant garde music suddenly sharing space with stilted and awkward regional TV. With a bit of humor thrown in for good measure."

Nailed it.

Girls Names European Tour Dates

15th - Liverpool @
16th - Leeds @
17th - Leicester @ The Musician
18th - Bristol @ Start the Bus
19th - London @ 100 Club
21st - Brighton @ Hope & Ruin
23rd - Paris @ Chaufferie de la Moulin Rouge

- Roma @ Le Mura - Carpi @ Mattatoio Culture Club - Genova @ Teatro Altrove - Padova @ Club Mame

Preorder Arms Around a Vision via Tough Love on 10.2.