The Jamaican Bobsled Team Just Released This Olympics Anthem

Basically it’s a bliptronica version of the song from Cool Runnings.

Feb 21 2014, 4:52pm

Ever since the slightly-racist Disney film Cool Runnings was released, the world has had a soft spot for the Jamaican Winter Olympics team.

The bobsled team competing in the 2014 Winter Olympics have described themselves as the “second coming of Cool Runnings”. Earlier this week the team released a song to celebrate being in the competition, accompanied by a 8-bit video game version of the Olympic Games. The “Bobsled Song” was written by Sidney Mills (from legendary reggae band Steel Pulse), Jon Notar and Groove Guild. It’s written to sync up directly with the bobsled running down the track.

Compare this to the unofficial songs being offered by global Olympic fans like this slice of Russian rock/n'roll, which sounds like Status Quo raised on a diet of hockey and pub karaoke. There’s also more melodic rock dirge courtesy of Turkey, whose chances at the Olympics definitely aren’t being helped by this song or their temperate climate.

Wanting to find out more about the “Bobsled Song” and the team’s chances for the games I talked to Kris Dacosta from the Jamaican tourist board, I also found time to ask the inevitable Cool Runnings question.

Noisey: So Kris, Who came up with the idea for "The Bobsled Song"?
Kris: The idea for the Bobsled Song came from our advertising agency DraftFCB. We wanted to amplify all the love already out there for the Jamaican Bobsled team and give the fans something to share and support the team with.

Sounds fun, I liked the video, what made you decide to go with an 8-bit video?

We went with 8-bit style because we wanted to demonstrate how the song syncs to the Sochi track, but because of Olympic sponsor regulations, we could not use actual race footage.

It worked well, what kind of feedback have you received from the song? Has it been a success?

We’ve reached almost one million views and during a TV interview with the bobsled team, an NBC reporter called the song “a worldwide hit”.

It’s definitely the best Olympics song out there. How popular is the bobsled team in Jamaica?

Since the Jamaican Bobsled Team’s debut in the 1988 Winter Olympics, they have continued to make the Jamaican people proud. We have a long history of excellent athletes. I admire the dedication of all the athletes and specifically, the resilient spirit of the bobsled team as they prove that teams from warm-weather destinations can compete on the same level as athletes from colder climates. The team is a true inspiration to every Jamaican and for that reason, they will remain popular not only in Jamaica but on a global scale.

What are your thoughts on the film Cool Runnings?

The film plays a big part in the popularity of the Jamaican Bobsled team and that support will continue to push them to be recognized as legitimate athletes and win medals someday.

Definitely, if they win...What do you think of Jamaica's hope for the Olympics?

We hope to communicate the great vibe, determination and spirit of Jamaicans.

But Really?
Haha, we’re gonna put up a good fight!

Thanks Kris!

Download the track and check out the lyrics here.