PREMIERE: Stream Roomrunner's New Bruiser of an EP, 'Separate'

Baltimore's noise-punks deliver a collection of slanted guitar fury.

Brad Cohan

This sad, pathetic world needs über-crunchoid monster licks and Baltimore's Roomrunner bulges with wads of 'em. Last year's Ideal Cities dished out an orgasmic galore of deliciously icky hooks in its noise-punk frenzy and now these popheads—led by ex-Double Dagger dude and occasional Future Islands member Denny Bowen—are back with more serious heft. Rooomrunner's new bruiser of an EP, Separate, piles on the stadium-sized, slanted guitar anthemry, candied harmonies and sweet-assed melodies with fury, making us forget that Sonic Youth, Fugazi, and Drive Like Jehu are all history. We proudly dive into the moshpit as we present to the stream of Roomrunner’s sick powerhouse, Separate.