Cure Your Pride Weekend Hangover with This Video from the Hussy

Their cover of Digital Leather's "Studs in Love" is just what you need to make Monday go down easier.

Jun 30 2014, 6:25pm

Pride Weekend came and went through NYC this weekend. It’s a great chance to celebrate the cultural history of the gay community as well as the progress made by the LGBTQ+ rights movement. But much like every celebration that involves a parade and alcohol, sometimes people celebrate a little too hard. So if you woke this morning with a headache, lying next to a pair of chaps and a whole shitload of rainbow confetti, we feel you. Fortunately, the Hussy is here with a cover of Digital Leather’s “Studs in Love.” It’s the perfect nightlife anthem, especially if you’re into muscles, Wrangler butts, cowboy boots, and of course, studs. Check out the video above, directed by Shane Shane, who threw this party we once famously crashed. Watch it and let it wash away your Pride Weekend Hangover.

The song comes from their split LP available from Southpaw Records.