Listen to the First Song from Creepoid's Upcoming Album

It's a perfect Sunday song.

Jan 17 2014, 5:01pm

We will pretty much devour anything No Idea Records puts out with the voracity of Chris Christie in front of a Jimmy Dean griddlecake. (LOL fat jokes, but no, seriously, he generally sucks as a human.) Next up on the ol' No Idea release schedule will be Creepoid's sophomore self-titled album, which isn't out for a few months. But we were able to grab the first single off of it. It's all dreamy and morose and we will definitely be using those No Idea gift certificates we got for Christmas (yeah, those are the kinds of nerds we are) to buy it.

Check out "Sunday" from the Philly band below, which is an appropriate name for the song since it sounds like something you'd listen to on one of those Sundays when you don't leave your bedroom out of sheer malaise a.k.a every Sunday.