The Body Told Us What Their Songs Mean

Listen to this stream of The Body's first album and scream out the window till you puke.

Kelly McClure

Kelly McClure

The Body just re-released their long out of print S/T album this month and we wanted to do something special to mark the occaision. We asked them to just run up and down the street of their town, playing droney, butt-quaking scream metal in front of the bank, or the grocery store or wherever, to give the town's folk a little buzz, but they said no. Instead they offered us a stream of the album, and a little play by play of what each song means to them.


The beginning of the end. We should've just not recorded ever and led normal lives so we wouldn't have to endure being called boring fat losers by Internet ding dongs. Nothing says potential mate to would be suitors as having your biggest accomplishment being laughed at by Prince Paul in a Scion video.


This is the only song we still sometimes play.


Our friend Gus plays double bass on this. The piano sound is from a crappy keyboard because Machines With Magnets didn't have the grand piano we requested. Fucking hacks. Just kidding; one love MWM.

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