2 Chainz Needs to Stop Instagramming Pictures of His Food

Despite being one of the coolest dudes in America, 2 Chainz is consistently engaging in some of the least cool behavior ever. This needs to end. Now.

2 Chainz made his mark on the rap game at a relatively late age. That's fine, especially considering that life expectancies are up—it's estimated that babies born in 2013 will live to be well over 120. Someone can enter their stride career-wise at an older and older age, and that's totally fine. However, 2 Chainz is a major rap star at the age of 35, which leads to him not having a 100% firm grasp on the conventions of our era. Which is to say, 2 Chainz needs to stop Instagramming pictures of his fucking food.

Tauheed, you are a grown-ass man and a motherfucking rockstar of your era. We do not need to see pictures of your salads, especially if they're kinda bland-looking like the one on the right is. Part of the point of being an untouchable rap god is that you're supposed to subside off of a strict diet of achievement, competition that you've bested, and medical-grade kush, so what the fuck are you doing putting pictures of your food on the Internet? That's literally the least cool thing anyone could ever do. Maybe 2 Chainz just doesn't give a fuck and wants people to know that he's being healthy, but then again, fuck that.

Is 2 Chainz trying to communicate that he leads a lavish lifestyle here? I guess, but also 2 Chainz is much better at communicating that stuff through his lyrics and clothes, both of which are consistently some of the most inspired things in hip-hop. On the other hand, maybe 2 Chainz is just trolling us, as evidenced by this Instagram:

Drew Millard once Instagrammed a picture of Vegas Fries at Guy Fieri's restaurant. He's on Twitter - @drewmillard