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Pussy Riot Release New "Track About a Good Cop" Video After World Cup Protest

The song came out after news broke that four of their members had been sent to jail for running onto the pitch at Sunday's World Cup Final.
Alex Robert Ross

Daryl Hall's 1994 World Cup Song Was So Bad That It Should Be in a Museum

What can Daryl Hall, Diana Ross, OJ Simpson, and a Mancunian indie band teach us about the summer of 94?
Alex Robert Ross
The 2018 World Cup

The Five Biggest Moods from Robbie Williams' World Cup Performance

From to a lad shredding all hell out of a harp to OG Ronaldo, the Russia 2018 opening ceremony had it all. Robbie Williams was also there.
Lauren O'Neill
Joel Golby
The World Cup 2018

Which of These Wannabe England World Cup Songs Slaps Hardest?

In the absence of an official World Cup '18 anthem England fans can get behind, we assess the bootlegs.
Lauren O'Neill
Thinkpieces And Shit

A Love Letter to "Three Lions", the National Anthem of Hope and Despair

No other song has so unintentionally captured the nuanced inner-workings of the collective British psyche.
Ryan Bassil
Noisey Blog

We spoke to the guy who made the BBC’s World Cup final montage

He beamed Woodkid's "Run Boy Run" into 15 million homes.
sam wolfson
You Need to Hear This

Dion Dublin has Created a Brand New Instrument Called The Dube

Stevie Wonder, One Direction’s drummer, and the Official England Supporters Band all have one of the ex-Premier League player's instruments.

The Rise of the Sporting Montage

In the week the Premier League returns, we got actor and die-hard QPR fan Henry Lloyd Hughes to run through the greatest sport montages.